I love weddings!!!

It’s wedding day today! Creating some gorgeous bouquets for a wedding taking place tomorrow. The theme is white pearl and lime – stunning! Pics to come soon!

Business Support

To all of you who have a passion and would love a chance at turning that into your very own business I can’t highly recommend it enough! So rewarding and challenging – it certainly keeps you on your toes. This year has flown by! I would like to recommend the Princes Trust Business Programme and also a scheme called Enterprise Inc – these initiatives have helped me so much and given me the confidence to get this far. THANK YOU!


I love Baccara…

I love this close up shot Claire took – really shows the velvetty luxury of the roses! In this arrangement there were 3 types of roses used, baccara, grand prix and passion. I love the dark gothic style of the baccara rose and will probably use those if/when I get married myself!!